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If you’re the kind who likes to drink straight from the firehose, this page is for you. No categories, no tags, just all of my essays here in reverse order of publication. I can tell you’re already pretty excited about this. You’re welcome.

  • Disaster Response

    Disaster Response

    Disasters happen, then we clean up and repair and reorganize. When disasters move very slowly, it can seem evil to not try to fight them.

  • The Philistine and the Poet

    The Philistine and the Poet

    The story of David and Goliath plays an interesting role in the second verse of the Book of Mark, by identifying a specific localization of Yahweh, the God of War.

  • Design Refresh

    Design Refresh

    Hey! New website design! Woo!

  • Frosty Trauma

    Frosty Trauma

    Retraumatized by the weather, an ice storm in the PNW brings strong feelings about the destruction of trees.

  • What This Dystopia

    What This Dystopia

    The development of technology proceeds at its rapid pace. My great-grandmother’s life spanned from horse carts to rocket ships. Mine has seen a dozen major technologies appear and disappear just as quickly. The impact of these changes on culture is a trope used in video media to express how out of touch older generations are. …

  • Breaking Away

    Breaking Away

    You may not care about the bicycle racing industry, or bikes, or racing, but you may enjoy this article about the bicycle racing industry, specifically the intersection between athletes and corporate promotion. It’s short, and well written, and maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t know. One of my older pet peeves has been how the…

  • Baptism


    At the very beginning of the Gospel of Mark, in the fourth verse we are introduced to John the Baptist. We are told he demanded that everyone be baptized, and that he was the baptizer, and he baptized the Judean people in the Jordan River. This scene has been captured in poetry and song, paintings…

  • Two State Solution

    Two State Solution

    Meditation on disaster in the middle east.

  • Icon and Text

    Icon and Text

    The mythology of the Bible is a set of stories told about what the Bible says or means, and these stories reflect elements of a creed […] Most of what is written in a creed isn’t actually in the Bible. Yet it is the creed that defines the denomination. Thus the iconic Bible represents not…

  • Meditation: Veils and Worlds

    Meditation: Veils and Worlds

    This is traditionally the time when we anticipate the “opening of the veil”: which is a time when we can better share our energies with our friends and family who have passed to that “other world”. While this explanation serves the many who celebrate this type of ritual, there are rationalists who find all this…

  • Gamala – Capital of Rebellion

    Around 6 CE, the Galilieans had their own tea-party moment when a local Roman governor ordered a census, and a fellow from Gamla named Judas began an organized resistance to Roman rule, convincing folks to not let the Romans count them by setting aflame any farms or houses of those who did. This Judas of…

  • The Story of Mark

    The Story of Mark

    Scholars generally agree that the Gospel according to Mark was the first one of the four Gospels written, and that Luke and Matthew were written subsequently with knowledge of the book of Mark, but also with a secondary source – known as ‘Q’. Much of what appears in Luke and Matthew seems to have been…