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  • Worms on the Brain

    Worms on the Brain

    The unlikely saga of RFK Jr.

  • Stupefied


    The MAGA cult is every bit as dangerous and violent as the 4th century Christian cult, and is embedded in enough centers of authority to have the potential to ignite a civil war. The degree of calamity we face is extreme, especially if the precedents are followed to their natural conclusion.

  • Ides of March

    Ides of March

    The Ides of March has become the lead in to a host of jokes, but there’s a lesson from history here worth considering.

  • Disaster Response

    Disaster Response

    Disasters happen, then we clean up and repair and reorganize. When disasters move very slowly, it can seem evil to not try to fight them.

  • Unregulated Predatory Capitalism

    Unregulated Predatory Capitalism

    You’re not broken, you’re being artificially restricted by rules designed to make the wealthy richer and crush the poor. It makes it hard to breathe, which makes it hard to think, and you don’t have the energy to fight against the system – as intended. It’s like a great dragon upon its hoard, throwing fire…

  • Breaking Away

    Breaking Away

    You may not care about the bicycle racing industry, or bikes, or racing, but you may enjoy this article about the bicycle racing industry, specifically the intersection between athletes and corporate promotion. It’s short, and well written, and maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t know. One of my older pet peeves has been how the…

  • Two State Solution

    Two State Solution

    Meditation on disaster in the middle east.

  • AI isn’t the problem, We are

    AI isn’t the problem, We are

    I’ve noticed a lot of breathless headlines lately about the coming takeover of AI, and I’d like my friends to know that a lot of the problem is perception. The danger is not that AI is going to take over cultural and military control of the earth. I know this is the premise of several…

  • Why Job Sites Suck

    Why Job Sites Suck

    One of the features of the ‘new economy’ has been the proliferation of websites that host job listings. “Looking for work” in the modern sense means uploading your resume to one such platform after another, but never getting any feedback in return. These sites suck and rarely lead to getting a job. They suck for…