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  • Design Refresh

    Design Refresh

    Hey! New website design! Woo!

  • Frosty Trauma

    Frosty Trauma

    Retraumatized by the weather, an ice storm in the PNW brings strong feelings about the destruction of trees.

  • Because Spring

    My progress writing on this blog stopped suddenly: not because I wasn’t writing, but because I was writing in different contexts. Every business day, it’s my job to write meaningful, productive sentences in English, PHP, and Javascript. With some regularity, I’m called upon to interact with a variety of digital systems in their native tongue.…

  • Taco Wisdom

    At some point in my early adulthood, I discovered two corresponding facts: 1) I can cook my own damn food, and 2) the food I make is usually better than most restaurants and certainly better than any prepared, frozen food. Segue to tacos. I love them. Learning to create my own authentic taco meat was…

  • Giant


    I’ve been doing a thing at church where we have regular observances for the new and full moon. The theme for new moons is to introduce a different tree from the area and talk about traditional and mythological associations. Then we do a guided meditation where we talk to the tree of the month and…

  • Beavers


    There’s this group at church who spearhead activities that encourage environmentalism and green principles in everyday life. Usually, it’s a protest, or a talk, or a march. One time, it was a video. Sue had contacts who knew how to handle beavers, and friends in the church who were needing some remediation after a family…

  • Water


    I never thought of water much as a kid. It filled bathtubs and cups and came out of the garden hose. Running water was always a thing, so whenever I needed a drink, it was easily obtained. People only spoke of it to complain: either there wasn’t enough, or what we had tasted awful. I…