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Essays on religions, old and new, in theory and practice. Modern pagan practice through a lens of archeology and archetypes. When religion is freed from the shackles of fascism, it becomes a weapon for freedom and truth and a cloak against lies and propaganda.

  • Beltane Meditation

    Beltane Meditation

    This is when we again take that baton of life from past generations and hand it forward to the next. This is how we touch the past and fuel the future. This is a celebration of life, of living, of moving along that part of the wheel where we celebrate the miracle of regeneration.

  • Icon and Text

    Icon and Text

    The mythology of the Bible is a set of stories told about what the Bible says or means, and these stories reflect elements of a creed […] Most of what is written in a creed isn’t actually in the Bible. Yet it is the creed that defines the denomination. Thus the iconic Bible represents not…

  • What is Paganism

    What is Paganism

    The modern development of paganism, and the current state of the faith.

  • Meditation: Veils and Worlds

    Meditation: Veils and Worlds

    This is traditionally the time when we anticipate the “opening of the veil”: which is a time when we can better share our energies with our friends and family who have passed to that “other world”. While this explanation serves the many who celebrate this type of ritual, there are rationalists who find all this…

  • Beltane at Church

    Beltane at Church

    Sunday completely blew away my already inflated expectations. I’m not sure where to begin, but I can start by saying that it reinforced for me that I’m doing the right things in the right place.  If you’re not already familiar with Unitarian Universalism, I encourage you to look it up and then see if there’s…

  • Balance


    A complex understanding of faith was modeled for me at a young age, and I imitated that model for most of my life. The model for me was an encounter when I was very young, maybe as old as ten, with an elder Anglican priest. I was confused about all the conflict over evolution. I…

  • Testimony


    A celebration of a life lived as a pagan, and the salvation I gained from the goddess who freed me.

  • Giant


    I’ve been doing a thing at church where we have regular observances for the new and full moon. The theme for new moons is to introduce a different tree from the area and talk about traditional and mythological associations. Then we do a guided meditation where we talk to the tree of the month and…