I have made a comfortable living writing computer programs, but I am more than a programmer.

I have written stories and essays, but I am more than a writer.

I am more than a father, more than an actor, more than a grill king, model painter, or mini-golf player.

I have ancestral roots five generations deep in the Texas soil, and yet I now live in the Pacific Northwest.

I’m a dreamer of overcomplicated dreams, a planner of extravagant detail, and enough of a realist to understand that only a little ever needs to really get done. I am a herder of cats, a surveyor of maps, and the proud owner of ten thousand tiny magnets.

I am a tracer of the stars, watcher of the moon, and listener of the trees. The divine is everywhere present, and they make their opinions known.

My name is Xephyr Burton. I compulsively write; here is where the writing goes.