Category: History

  • Stupefied


    The MAGA cult is every bit as dangerous and violent as the 4th century Christian cult, and is embedded in enough centers of authority to have the potential to ignite a civil war. The degree of calamity we face is extreme, especially if the precedents are followed to their natural conclusion.

  • Ides of March

    Ides of March

    The Ides of March has become the lead in to a host of jokes, but there’s a lesson from history here worth considering.

  • The Philistine and the Poet

    The Philistine and the Poet

    The story of David and Goliath plays an interesting role in the second verse of the Book of Mark, by identifying a specific localization of Yahweh, the God of War.

  • Icon and Text

    Icon and Text

    The mythology of the Bible is a set of stories told about what the Bible says or means, and these stories reflect elements of a creed […] Most of what is written in a creed isn’t actually in the Bible. Yet it is the creed that defines the denomination. Thus the iconic Bible represents not…

  • Purpose


    The question of why someone wrote the Gospels is fundamental to understanding the Gospels. These reasons are accessible through an understanding of the political history of the area.

  • Juegos


    I am fascinated by games. A thin cross-section of culture and interaction codified into a set of cards and position markers. Complex processes transformed into simple patterns through cooperative turn taking and competitive resource management. Epic historical events retold, asking new questions each time about the importance of cleverness and the value of courage. An…

  • Crossed


    It’s Lent, the season of contemplation and preparation for the holiest week in the Christian calendar, celebrating the supreme central mystery — the return from death of Christ and his promise to return again. The story of the last week of Christ is the primary topic of the Gospels, and is the focus for Christians…

  • Temple


    In the ancient world, sacred sites were relatively common, from roadside pagodas to great stone temples. The history of a pile of rocks or an ancient stone might be hard to trace, but the temples with an active priesthood and public interaction were social structures with beginning and end dates. They had distinct life cycles…

  • Returns


    A biographical reflection on a lifetime spent searching for the transcendental origins of Christian myth in the shadows of the mythical return of Christ.