Category: Culture

  • A Worthy Death

    A Worthy Death

    Prisons exist for retribution, not rehabilitation, as the regular violence against prisoners shows. We need to get out of the business of warehousing and traumatizing people that really just need social support.

  • Entomovention


    It’s become obvious to everyone that there are many fewer insects around than there used to be, but we can’t say it’s the end of the world for insects. We actually have no idea.

  • 3D Morality

    3D Morality

    Filament has the potential for becoming extraordinarily useful, and 3D printing allows us to use filament in intricate ways we’ve never been able to build before. At the same time, it can be extraordinarily wasteful and can allow us to burn through resources faster than ever before.

  • Noah Point

    Noah Point

    The rainbow has become emblematic of the entire Noah’s flood story, but it’s culturally relevant to ask why we think the rainbow was the most important part.

  • Coding Compulsion

    Coding Compulsion

    I have a compulsion to write code. I write code even when I’m not paid to, because it makes me unhappy to do otherwise.

  • Trash on the Moon

    Trash on the Moon

    Oh look! More trash on the Moon!

  • Tugging at the Pillars

    Tugging at the Pillars

    Fascist and authoritarian movements derive great power and authority from Christianity, and this is why we need to move to a post-Christian culture in the US.

  • What This Dystopia

    What This Dystopia

    The development of technology proceeds at its rapid pace. My great-grandmother’s life spanned from horse carts to rocket ships. Mine has seen a dozen major technologies appear and disappear just as quickly. The impact of these changes on culture is a trope used in video media to express how out of touch older generations are. …