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Worms on the Brain

Have you been following the saga of Robert F Kennedy Jr and his run for the Presidency?

Robert F Kennedy, Jr

There were a few GOP money guys who hatched a plan to get Twitler into office by splitting the Democratic vote. They dug RFKjr out of a box in the back of someone’s closet and propped him up as a Democrat. He was pretty quickly shut out of the Democratic primary, so he transitioned to Independent. 

A funny thing happened on the campaign trail. Bob Jr. started to shift his message to “better resonate” with his crowds, and within a month had gone full Q. The polls coming out were starting to show RFKjr’s voters were coming more out of Team Swamp, so his GOP money handlers cut him loose, assuming he would sink into an ocean of anonymity.

Instead, Bob Jr. failed upward, taking on a billionaire VP candidate who enabled their ticket to progress without the GOP money. Also, every living member of the Kennedy family publicly endorsed Biden, excoriating Bob Jr. By this time, polls were showing that for every Biden vote RFKjr took, he garnered two or three Twitler voters. This was becoming an existential emergency for Team Swamp. Their solution was worms.

Media everywhere got the same press release from on high, and overnight suddenly everyone was telling the same story about RFKjr’s parasitic brain worm. “Y’know: I don’t wanna tell ya’ who ta vote for, but, uh… that guy’s got brain worms!” As one commenter wrote, no one even tried to soften the blow. This was a hit job. Video interviews showed the man looking like a deer in the headlights.

My takeaway is that the brain worms won’t matter. Two months after she stopped campaigning, Nikki Haley continues to get 10-20% of the vote in each state primary. When the general election comes around, people who were excited about RFKjr will probably vote for him, further draining away support from the sundowning Tangerine. Anyone not enthusiastic about voting for the con man has already decided to stay home or write in “Mickey Mouse”. 

The GOP put this torpedo in the water, and now it’s heading their way, but its impact may simply be redundant. 

Fundraising for both the presidential campaign, and the party in general, is rock bottom; what is being raised is largely going straight out the window to pay lawyers. A percentage of down-ballot fundraising is also being siphoned off to pay legal bills. Campaign offices aren’t being opened, but closed, and instead of campaigning on his few days not in court on election fraud charges, their Presidential candidate plays golf while the incumbent Democrat has been touring the country, highlighting all the good he’s managed to do in the first two years in office when the Putin caucus and Team Swamp didn’t hold the House.

But the most telling point is this: in every special election that has been held since the Supreme Court voided abortion protection, Democrats have won, by a lot, even in MAGA red states. If this trend continues when the general election comes around, Team Swamp is going to take a serious hit.


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  1. Deborah Avatar

    Yay! And I’m sorry I helped with the ‘brain worms’ story dissemination. I just really dislike the faux Kennedy- Kennedy in name only.

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