The Lay of the Land

  • Ancient history, pre-history, and the development of hominids
  • Religious expression, sacred theater, theology, and cultural traditions
  • Intentional Community development and syndication
  • Personal hobbies: hiking, birdwatching, 3D Printing
  • Commentary on current events

It’s been a while since I’ve had an active blog, and the world of blogging has changed around me several times. I’m going to see how well this works for me as a means to capture my ideas and rantings, and if we’re all lucky, I suppose, it will be a long-term arrangement. Time will tell.

I haven’t been in the writing mode so much lately, being focused on other creative projects instead. It’s great to have the variation, but I can feel a lot of writing is building up and wanting to get out. May as well give it an outlet before I pop another hole.

Since I wrote my book on the origins of Christianity, I’ve learned much more and have been privileged to read several books that have added significant dimensions to the entire story. I’ve also come to realize that there are different ways to present this information that would reach different audiences, so trying to consider what shape that might take is part of what I’m hoping to explore here. I’m also hoping to lay out what I’ve been able to assemble so far, in order to better understand what areas I need to focus upon.

It is extremely common for folks who first find their way into paganism to become overtly hostile to all things Christian, especially if they were raised in a church. I was no exception. It was decades ago, and it wasn’t really that long before I was able to moderate my view and see Christians, in specific contexts, as being good people doing good work. But after this last round of study, I’m seriously back to wanting to eliminate Christianity from the national conversation. The Romans were really evil, and Christianity was designed to make people distractible and easily lead. We’d be better off without it.

I would also like to take this opportunity to take my explorations of intentional communities to the next level and start exploring techniques and processes that can weave together intentional communities out of existing neighborhoods, towns, and cities. A lot of work has already been done to bring resources to communities and unify workers, now it’s time to create the economic fabric that feeds unions and starves corporations.

Few things in life are guaranteed, but one thing I can be sure of: given an outlet like this I will most certainly take the opportunity to write about whatever is bothering me the most that day, share good photos or finished projects, and generally self-promote anything I might be up to. I’ll try to keep all that stuff under its own header.


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