Author: Xephyr Burton

  • Stupefied


    The MAGA cult is every bit as dangerous and violent as the 4th century Christian cult, and is embedded in enough centers of authority to have the potential to ignite a civil war. The degree of calamity we face is extreme, especially if the precedents are followed to their natural conclusion.

  • Beltane Meditation

    Beltane Meditation

    This is when we again take that baton of life from past generations and hand it forward to the next. This is how we touch the past and fuel the future. This is a celebration of life, of living, of moving along that part of the wheel where we celebrate the miracle of regeneration.

  • The First Hot End

    The First Hot End

    My 3D printer experiences, including my recently purchased Creality Ender 5 S1, and a catalog of what I’ve made with it so far.

  • Noah Point

    Noah Point

    The rainbow has become emblematic of the entire Noah’s flood story, but it’s culturally relevant to ask why we think the rainbow was the most important part.

  • Ides of March

    Ides of March

    The Ides of March has become the lead in to a host of jokes, but there’s a lesson from history here worth considering.

  • Coding Compulsion

    Coding Compulsion

    I have a compulsion to write code. I write code even when Iā€™m not paid to, because it makes me unhappy to do otherwise.

  • Trash on the Moon

    Trash on the Moon

    Oh look! More trash on the Moon!

  • Tugging at the Pillars

    Tugging at the Pillars

    Fascist and authoritarian movements derive great power and authority from Christianity, and this is why we need to move to a post-Christian culture in the US.

  • Disaster Response

    Disaster Response

    Disasters happen, then we clean up and repair and reorganize. When disasters move very slowly, it can seem evil to not try to fight them.